Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Sirius Radio App for the iPhone...Who Cares?

I was an XM Radio subscriber for a couple of years but I shut it down in 2008. I was getting more enjoyment from my own music selection of MP3's and felt XM wasn't worth the ~$14/month I was paying. Now I see the Frankenstein company Sirius/XM (or whatever they're called) is planning to offer a Sirius app for the iPhone.

I already enjoy plenty of free radio stations through the iheartradio and AOL Radio apps. If I'm able to pick up a satellite radio signal (i.e., not on a plane) I'm also able to get a cell signal. This app certainly wouldn't cause me to consider renewing my old subscription. In fact, if you have an iPhone I don't understand why you'd bother with satellite radio at all. Nobody listens to Howard Stern anymore. I'm surprised Sirius/XM is still in business.


  1. Joe,
    Thanks for the IHeart Radio tip. If you haven't already, you should install the iPhone version of Pandora. I love Pandora.

  2. NiceMac LLC is creating the uSirius StarPlayr application, not Sirius XM.

  3. way off base! Nobody listens to Howard Stern anymore but when he came to sirius 2 million subscribers signed up! How many people watch Dancing with the Stars?! SiriusXM has 18 million subscribers! beating a "hit" show on tv!

  4. Really?! The last time I checked XM/Sirius were in dire straits. Fewer and fewer people are signing up for satellite service, and the fact that car sales have tanked has only exacerbated the problem. Meanwhile, I don't watch it but I'll bet a silly show like Dancing w/ the Stars has a lot more upward momentum than satellite has or ever will have again.

    Sirius and XM missed their opportunity. They should have gotten more of us hooked on the service 10 years ago. Now that WiFi and cell signals are ubiquitous satellite is doomed.