Monday, May 25, 2009

Resurrecting My iPhone

Earlier this week I ran into a major problem with my iPhone. Every time I connected it to my Mac it crashed iTunes. The problem started shortly after I deleted a bunch of old podcasts from my iPhone. The next day I also started run see a rash of dropped calls. That, coupled with the inablity to sync iPhone and Mac left me more than a bit irritated.

One of my first stops for help was an Apple forum where I posted my problem. I never heard back though, so I have a new apprecation for anyone who's skeptical of how "we are smarter than me." A couple of friends suggested I head over to the Apple Store and give the Genius Bar a shot. The closest one is about 20 minutes away though and I assumed they were going to tell me what I already determined: that I should just nuke the darned thing and start over.

So I saved myself a trip across town and proceeded to wipe out my iPhone. I almost choked when I saw the message indicating the wipe-out process will take about an hour. To be fair, that part of the process really only took about 25 minutes. When the screen said it was time to reconnect the iPhone to the Mac I took a deep breath...

An hour or so later, after all the data from my last backup made it to my iPhone I was up and running. I figured I'd have to spend the rest of the night reconfiguring all the various email settings, phone favorites list and other preferences I'd set up over the past 7 months.

Guess what? The restore process took care of all of that for me. Every single bit. When the phone came back up my email settings were already in place. My Yankees wallpaper was back where it belongs. My AIM and Twitter clients were all loaded with my IDs and passwords. It was truly remarkable.

Although I'm still scratching my head over how I got into this mess to begin with, I have to tip my hat to Apple for creating such an outstanding recovery process. If you ever have to go through this, don't sweat it...Apple's got your back(up)!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My iPhone Crashes iTunes...

After about 7 months of relatively flawless service from my iPhone and iTunes, I woke up today and discovered that anytime I connect my iPhone to my Mac, it crashes iTunes. I've tried rebooting both devices and have done a number of hard resets on the iPhone. No dice.

Does anyone have any advice on how to resolve this?...