Sunday, January 25, 2009

It Was 25 Years Ago Today (sort of)

Way back in 1984 I forked over $2,500 for an original 128K Macintosh. Actually, it was more than $3,000 with tax because the purchase also included a $499 ImageWriter (dot-matrix) printer.

I was the first in my neighborhood and probably one of the first in the entire state to own a Mac. I bought it to write a book, Using Your Macintosh: Beginning Microsoft Basic and Applications. Go ahead and Google the'll still find several references and even a few used copies for sale.

I used the Mac for a couple of years but soon realized I was destined for the PC platform. In fact, it was only recently that I made my very next Apple iPhone.

I've owned an iPhone for a couple of months now and I'm totally hooked. So much so, in fact, that I'm putting my Kindle on ice for a bit while I spend more time using and evangelizing the iPhone. I find myself wanting to experiment with and talk about the iPhone much more so than the Kindle, and this is coming from someone who was a huge Kindle advocate, at least initially.

My goal for this blog is to use it as a platform to share my experience as both an iPhone user and a publisher who sees the iPhone as an enormous opportunity for the entire content industry. I hope you'll stay tuned for future posts. More importantly, I hope you'll weigh in with your own comments along the way.

P.S. -- The picture included with this post is a shot of that original Mac from back in 1984. It stopped working about 15 years ago so I decided to take it apart and look inside. My hope is to one day convert it into an aquarium...a MacQuarium.

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