Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fluent News: Quick App Review

I discovered Fluent News a couple of weeks ago when I was telling a colleague that I wish I could find a great app that pulls together all the major news feeds into one. Given that app discoverability is probably the biggest problem with the app store model, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that an app like that already exists!

Fluent News is simple and elegant. It includes all the social networking links you'd expect, so if you find an article you want to tweet or email to a friend you're just a couple of clicks away from doing just that.

What I like most about Fluent News though is its speed. I understand the developers behind the app do some fancy content pre-fetching. If that means nothing to you, just give it a shot and you'll see what I mean. Click one article after another and you'll find they load much faster than any of the other news apps I've used.

I'm so hooked on this one that I now leave my iPhone on my nightstand so that I can catch up on the latest news after the lights are out and my wife is trying to fall asleep. Let's see you do that on a Kindle!

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